White noise. What is it and how does it works.

In this article, you will learn what is white noise and how does it work. Why kids love white noise? Whether white noise will help to calm the baby: theory and practice.

What is a white noise?

Just as this world is a compound of all visible flowers of a range (for this reason, passing through a prism or a crystal this world will be transformed to a rainbow), the white noise is a mixing of sounds of different frequency and intensity.

Examples of a white noise are the noise of the close falls (the remote noise of falls – pink), the murmur of water in a water tap, the noise of the vacuum cleaner, hair dryer or fan. The white noise is the repeating, monotonic sounds which lull the child.

Why kids love white noise?

Kids really love white noise. When the child is in the stomach of the mother he surrounded with noises for all 9 months. As if the kid was constantly in the center of the city brisk street – such noise level is well familiar and habitual to him. Life of the kid out of a uterus can seem to him uncomfortably silent. In this case, white noise is some kind of reminder on his former cozy “house”. However, the topic that matters is the way by which this sound is generated.

How white noise works?

White noise reminds a sound of the blood circulating in placenta vessels. This sound which child hears in mother’s womb round the clock, without any breaks. And for this reason, white noise is powerful stimulation of the congenital mechanism of self-complacency of the child.
Pay attention that noise of the hair dryer from an example has helped the mother to stop crying of the baby above and promoted relaxation of the child. Use of such noise level (the hair dryer, the vacuum cleaner, noise of the city street) is admissible during the short time (several minutes) with the purpose to calm the started shouting kid. But it is impossible to use such noise level during all duration of a dream. There are certain devices for such purposes – white sound generators.

When the kid was tired and wants to sleep, habitual “home” sounds of white noise will promote relaxation of the child. Directly at the time of falling asleep, the sound shall be the average loudness (about 50 dB). You shall feel comfortable with such noise background on loudness reminding a sound of the shower included in a bathroom (when you are in a bathroom) or rain noise familiar to all outside the window.