Twitter Automation Tools: Here is What to Expect

You have probably heard of Twitter automation, and you wonder what a bot can do for you and what it cannot do. In this post, we look at what automation can do for you so that you enjoy an accelerated organic growth for your brand.

Scheduling of Posts

The right tool helps you to plan your tweets and then post them when the audience is online. This helps you save time on your engagement, allowing you to focus your energy on other social media networks and tasks.

You can set up the tweets in advance, and save yourself months of tweeting.

Twitter Mentions

You can use the tool to find your target audience and use their twitter handle in the tweets. Come up with unique tweets and connect the prospects more personally and more powerfully.

Auto Follow/Unfollow

The automation tool helps find people that are interested in your content and then follow them so that you can get their attention. You can also scour among your audience for those followers that aren’t active and unfollow them so that you keep the list manageable.

Automate Retweets

You can keep your account active by using other people’s tweets to your own benefit. This means you can find and retweets their content in your niche.

The tools can also import fresh content from RSS feeds that you deem relevant to your niche. This makes sure you always have fresh content for your account without the need to rack your brain to get the content.

Auto Follow Back

You can keep the connection with your fans by automatically following them back. This is a good marketing strategy, and it also helps you get more loyal fans.

Automate Hashtags

You can increase the visibility of your tweets by using specific keywords into Twitter hashtags. Make sure you research the keywords well.

Which Tool Should You Choose?

The need for automation leads you to hundreds of tools to choose from. These tools have different capabilities and help you enjoy more from your automation. Check out the best Twitter Bot & Liker in 2018 for Auto Followers, Auto Likes, & Retweets at Jonathon Spire to understand what you have at your disposal, and pick the best.


Take time to understand what you need in terms of your Twitter engagement strategy and go for it using the right tools.  Make sure the tool you choose helps you achieve your goals, and gives you all you need to stay relevant.