Top Instagram Automaton Rules You Should Not Break

If you want to use automation as part of your Instagram marketing plan, you must ensure that your content remains authentic to your followers. When done right, Instagram automation can really help grow your account. Before embarking on it, ask yourself a few questions about what you want to automate and the type of tool you need to use.

Instagram automation has a few best practices that you need to understand. Let us look at some of them.

Choose One

You may be tempted to use multiple automation services in order to get fast results. This will cause you to get banned from the platform. Be aware of this risk and avoid it.

Define Your Target

In order to get the best results from automation, you must understand who your target audience is. Which people do you want to have as followers? How can you get users within your location to follow you and what hashtags are relevant to your niche? These questions will help you create a winning marketing strategy for your brand.

Keep It Real

Add some human behavior to your Instagram account. Do not leave the bot to do all the posting. Alternate your automated posts with real content. If you are creative enough, more people will follow you just because of your high rate of engagement. Draft compelling direct messages and avoid spamming people’s inboxes with promotional stuff.


Respond to all comments and feedback. People spend a lot of energy on your feed and it is only respectful to honor their effort by communicating back.  Do not take too long to respond to direct messages. If you are using an automation tool such as Follow Adder and Instato which automate actions like commenting and liking, ensure that it does not operate at an unusual speed as this will cause people to suspect your account. Visit Managed Social to read more about these tools and many more.

Create Good Content

Since you are using an Instagram automation tool, you have enough time to yourself. You can take advantage of this time to improve your content by taking better pictures, creating better stories and building a profile that stands out. If your followers keep growing yet your content isn’t attractive, you will lose credibility. Study your target audience and develop posts that connect them to your brand.

In Closing

Do not automate everything. Avoid bots that allow you to automate replies as these require a personalized touch. No one understands your account better than you do. If an automation tool does not meet your expectations, do not use it just because it is working for somebody else.