Things you Should Look for When Buying an Inversion Table

Inversion tables are used for inversion therapy to relieve back pain by countering the effects of gravity on your spine. A person is turned upside down, to stretch the back muscles and the spine, thus alleviating or relieving the pain. This therapy also improves the circulation of blood to promote relaxation and lessen compression.

With back-pain being a common thing in this era where people sit for long hours in offices, investing in an Inversion table is a great decision. However, it can difficult to choose the best table owing to the wide range of options in the market. So how do you know which one is the best suited for you? Read on to find out what you need to look for when buying an inversion table.

Third-party certification

This certification is an implication that the product has been tested by a reputable third-party to ascertain its safety and quality. The approval is important because there are no adequate measures in place to regulate manufacturing standards.

Thus, independent safety testing groups take up the mantle to test the safety, quality, and reliability of inversion tables. If the product meets the required standards, it is marked with a stamp of approval. Therefore, ensure you only buy inversion products with a mark of approval from the relevant certification bodies.



As noted onĀ Free Your Spine, inversion tables, especially in the modern day come with a wide array of features. Ensure you choose a model with adequate security, comfort, and functionality features. However, note that some of these features may be reflected in the price tag. Hence, establish the features you want and shop for a table that meets your requirements. Some of the key features you need to look out for include Auto-locking hinges, an Ankle system, and heat-treated steel among others.


Most reputable brands will give you a warranty for their products as a sign of confidence in the quality. However, some brands will try to blind you with a one or two years warranty to lure you into buying their products. A Manufacturer that fully stands behind his products gives you a long-term warranty of at least five years. Therefore, be on the lookout for brands that give an assurance that in case of an issue, your problem will be resolved.

FDA Registration

Anything related to your health should be taken seriously. Just as with medications, medical devices should serve the purpose they are meant to. As such, look for a brand or model that has been reviewed and approved by organizations such as the FDA. Such an approval is a reassurance that the product can meet your needs. Certain brands such as Teeter are registered with the FDA making them the most ideal for your back pain relief.