Signs Your Upholstery is Worn Out

It is no secret that the better you take care of your upholstery, the longer it lasts and the better it will look. This is true because you use upholstery on a daily basis and it can lose its appeal fast unless you do something about it.

Furniture is an expensive investment that provides a lot of comfort and adds to the decor of the home. If you don’t take good care of it, it ends up going the other way.

With extended use, the upholstery shows signs that it needs repair and repainting. To make the furniture look new and fresh without opting to buy a new one, you can repaint the upholstery. This is cheap and effective because it eliminates the need to buy new furniture.

However, before you invest in the task, you need to see the signs that the upholstery needs a fresh coat of paint. Here are the signs.

The Appearance is Grubby

Dirt and dust, sweat and oils, smoke particles and pollen stick to the fabric of your furniture and change the look. Over time, these cannot be easily removed. After several years of constant use, a simple cleaning cannot take the chair back to its glory. What you need is a paint job.

Using the right kind of paint can take the grubby look and breathe some life into the material, making it look vibrant again.

If you want to make sure the furniture has, in fact, changed the color is to look within the joints, under the arms and areas that are covered. You will notice a change in the color signalling that you need to repaint.


If the color of the furniture has changed considerably over the past few years, it is time to take it back to its original color or another color that you prefer. The color usually fades when you clean the furniture time and time again.

Fading material can also mean regular traffic, and you might notice that one chair is particularly affected compared to others. However, it is vital that you paint all of them to give them a uniform look.

To do this, you need the right fabric paint. This is specially made for upholstery and takes time before it can lose its lustre. Check out https://www.fabricspray.co.uk/product-category/upholstery-spray-paint/ for a sample of the paint you need.


When you paint the furniture, use several layers to make sure you get the perfect look you desire.