Instamacro: High Price But Low Functionality

If you have any intentions of subscribing to Instamacro, you may want to think twice before doing so. Despite the fact that their site is professionally-made, the service is somewhat lacking. In fact, it is only a follow and like service, which you may not want since it is not a bot. Just to let you know how awful it is, this article shall compare it with FollowingLike, an actual automation bot for Instagram.


FollowingLike is an automation not only popular among Instagram users, but also in other social media platform. This multi-platform automation bot will cause the number of your followers to ramp up quickly. To make it even better, they enable you to only pay a one-time fee which means you can save your cash for other important things.

FollowingLike: Features

For Instagram users, FollowingLike enables you to perform tasks automatically. The bot acts as a virtual assistant that never tires out and continues to work hard. It follows users via keywords or hashtags. As for the maximum follower count, you can just unfollow users once you reach it. Also, it comes with a handy blacklist and whitelist, the former which prevents following, and the latter makes it impossible for the bot to unfollow.

Besides following, you can also like and unlike automatically, via an automated comment which appears on the account of others. As such, you can interact automatically and it can seem authentic from the point of view of others.


Almost everyone who drops by their site would automatically be lured into subscribing since it does seem professional. However, you should keep in mind that Instamacro is not a bot, but a follow-and-like service. In fact, you can only follow, unfollow, and like. It also enables you to close any of the services. Instamacro depends on hashtags to function, and it comes with different speed settings so you can at least fake that you are not utilizing a bot. If you would like a lengthier discussion, Instamacro was reviewed by fredharrington.com.

Instamacro also comes with a free five-hour trial, so you can decide if it is for you or not. However, if you look at its price, it does cost at least more than a dollar each day, so it is quite expensive. Overall, Instamacro is so-so, but the price does not justify the lack of functionality. You should try other automation services instead of wasting your time on a cash milking scheme like Instamacro.