Conditions that Invisalign treat.

Many people suffer from orthodontic conditions, and these are problems that affect the teeth and jaws. They involve improper positioning of these two, and they can be corrected. The dentistry department that regularly works on these type of conditions is known as orthodontic while the specialists are known as orthodontists. They use Invisalign treatment in their job. Some of the orthodontic challenges are below:

Caps between teeth

In many people, the gap between the teeth is hereditary and is believed to be a sign of beauty. In most cases, it is in women, and it is usually between the upper front teeth. The gap looks unpleasant if it is spread throughout the mouth and is uneven between the teeth. Diastema, as it is known is not liked by all, so some people tend to correct the condition. It is an orthodontic condition that Invisalign correctly treats.

Teeth overbite

It is a condition that is mostly described by percentage. It happens when the upper front teeth overlap the lower front teeth. If it is not deep, the state can be left untreated. In deep bites, when jaws deeply overlap, correction is mandatory. It is due to the discomforts, pain in the gums, excessive teeth wearing and also for appearance purposes. This condition is corrected by use of Invisalign and achieves positive results.

Teeth Underbite

It is a condition that can either be dental or skeletal. By skeletal, the lower jaw protrudes past the upper jaw causing misalignments while dental due to behavior during childhood like sucking on the thumb and continuous thrusting of the tongue against the teeth. Underbite effects are a pain in the jaws and joints, earaches, headaches, tooth decay and wearing of teeth. It is not a condition that should cause you stress for with Invisalign it is treatable.

Teeth overcrowding

Also known as malocclusion, it is a condition where there are more teeth in an individual’s mouth than the usual number. In normal human being, 32 teeth are present. Any additional tooth will cause overcrowding. It usually results to misalignment of teeth that cause difficultly in chewing, pain, and discomfort. This condition with proper management heals fast with Invisalign treatment.

Teeth crookedness

The crooked tooth is a condition where some of the teeth are in the jaw than others. This condition when left untreated has adverse effects on an individual’s health. It causes periodontal infections and early wear of the teeth. To reduce the consequences of this condition it should be corrected using Invisalign.


The human body should function properly if all its parts are proper and in perfect condition. Any infection of any part always causes severe disease no matter how irrelevant it seems. In the mouth, the jaws and teeth should be as required to ensure mouth functioning is proper. You should always seek dental advice like Invisalign Dentists London to cater for your oral health. Appearance and smiling are not the only benefits of well-aligned teeth but also free from infection is an added advantage.