Beach Cruising: Time to Flaunt What You Have

There is something magician and amazing about beach cruiser bikes. Where else can you get the chance to show off your muscles? Well, nowhere else except the gym maybe. Girls can also use the bike to show off their assets, donning sunglasses and a short skirt.

Beach cruiser bikes, especially in some colleges have been associated with the easy-going, hippie lifestyle. The funny thing is that the trend is common to both adults and teens. You can see a middle aged man riding a cruiser bike with the teen daughter in tow.

So, what makes these cruisers from Cycling Plaza so appealing to a wide audience?

The Colors

These cruisers now come in more colors than before. Previously, you were only limited to a few colors but at the moment you can get an impressive array – your task is to choose what suits you. Part of the fun that comes with beach cruisers is the different ways that you can decorate them. The tire fenders, the basket and the back rack are excellent places to paint on anything and everything you want.

These bikes come with tires meant for riding on flat surfaces. The tires are fat making them ideal for riding on beach sand and the boardwalk.

Ideal for Baby Boomers

While on the beach, it is all about enjoying the lifestyle, getting some fresh air and just relaxing by the beach either alone or with the family. You can use the cruisers to carry the items you need on such a day.

The countryside isn’t left out, because you can use the beach cruisers to carry food, drinks and anything you need for relaxation.

They are easy to Use

These bikes come with large comfortable seats and large handlebars for easy navigation and proper handling. Some of these bikes come with 3-speeds, which makes them ideal for use with varied terrain.

You can use the bike in different ways to transport some goodies to your destination. One is to use a backpack strapped to the back, then riding the bike to your destination. Secondly, you can use the small basket at the front of the bike.


Beach cruisers are the best option for moving from one point to another on the beach. You can ride in groups or alone. Either way, you get to show off your physique as well as getting items from one point to another.