5 Tips to Pull off the Perfect Espresso At Home

A perfect home-made espresso is one of the easiest ways to wow your guests and family. Making espresso at home is less costly and gives you better control over the process. With a good espresso machine and constant practice, you can easily come up with better drinks than any great café. Let us look at some of the things that can help you get the best out of your espresso machine.

1.    Choose the Best Beans

The quality of espresso is determined by the type of beans it is extracted from. There are quite a good number of blends from several roasters. You can use these to achieve a perfect taste. Generally, cheap beans do not produce the best quality. Instead of going for these, look up some coffee roasters and independent shops with a good reputation and sample their coffee. You can even contact them and request for a sample of their espresso before making a purchase. You will be surprised at the number of good flavours that you will find on the market. You can then compare the prices and freshness so that you end up with the best beans.

2.    Utilize a Good Amount of Heat

Coffee beans contain a considerable amount of oil, which needs a lot of pressure and heat to process.  To obtain a good espresso, the extraction temperatures should range between 198 and 201 degrees, with a pressure of about 131 pounds. This condition ensures maximum extraction of flavours from the bean.

3.    Select Finely Ground Coffee

When the espresso beans are finely ground, it becomes easy for water to pass through and extract the entire flavor. You can grind your beans at home or purchase those that are already ground. If you are doing it at home, ensure that the espresso is properly ground before use.

4.    Seek to Achieve the Crema

Crema comprises dissolved oils and solids released during the extraction of the espresso. It is rich in protein and sugar. The crema is what forms at the top of the drink, and its appearance varies depending on the type of beans and temperature of extraction.  The best crema is often deep brown and takes at least a third of the cup when the espresso is served.

5.    Mix the Flavours Carefully

To achieve the best taste for your espresso, invest in the best flavor that you can find. Bet the best syrup and milk to make sure the end product bears a perfect taste.

In Closing

If you want to extract the best espresso in town, then you have to choose carefully.  Also, be sure to get an espresso machine that sustains high pressures and temperatures. And before you go, head to http://www.mydemitasse.com/ to get the right cups to serve the espresso.